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What makes vibrators so popular?

Pleasure! Vibrators are by far the most popular sex toy, especially for women, because they provide so much pleasure. Many women experience very intense orgasms using their little buzzing friend.

A womanís sexual response is more complex than a manís. Most women need more/longer stimulation than a man in order to reach an orgasm. Also, many women have difficulty experiencing an orgasm during intercourse with a partner. Additionally, vibrators help women explore their bodies to find what feels good to them, as everyoneís body reacts differently to sexual stimulation. Many womenís first orgasm occurs when using a vibrator.

Why Vibrators?

What makes vibrators so popular?
Arenít all vibrators the same?
Who invented vibrators?
Were vibrators always used for sexual purposes?
Where can I see or buy antique vibrators?

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