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How do I use a vibrator on my partner?

Vibrators can be a great addition to a couple's sex life. Ideally, you and your partner should select the vibrator together. The more you communicate with each other about any aspect of your lovemaking, the better. Whipping out a vibrator during foreplay or sex without talking about it first can backfire. Plus, you need to get a vibrator that provides the type of stimulation you both like.

Once you done some shopping together, you and your partner can try incorporating the vibrator into your foreplay or lovemaking. Be sure the vibrator is available and ready to go before you begin your session. Having to fumble with packaging or load the batteries can spoil the mood. Have it at hand on the bed or within easy reach so you can grab it when the moment is right.

When you get to the point in foreplay when you and your partner are petting or stimulating each other's genitals, grab the vibrator. As you're using your hands or mouth to stimulate your partner, transition from manual or oral stimulation to using the vibrator on your partner. Pay attention to their responses and what they enjoy. If it's more comfortable for your partner, you can give them the vibrator or the controls and let them pleasure themselves while you fondle them in other ways.

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