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Can I use a vibrator help me orgasm during intercourse?

A vibrator can help you get more in touch with your body and sexual feelings, and may be included in foreplay or used during sex with a partner to help achieve orgasm.

Most women - 70 percent, according Shere Hite's surveys - don't achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. So if you're not coming during intercourse, it just means that a) you're normal, and b) your clit needs more play.

Using a vibrator for masturbation can help you become more comfortable with your sexuality and get you more in tune with the responses of your body and what feels good to you. However, it may also spoil you a bit, because it makes climaxing easier than it is with a partner.

You can incorporate the vibrator into your sex play before or even during intercourse. Have your partner use it on you, or show your partner how you use it on yourself. Get yourself good and wet, or go all the way to the edge, and then start going at it. Bring out the vibrator again for a quick buzz if you need to get back up to speed. It's not cheating to use a vibe to help you get off during sex with your partner. Think of it as an augmentation to intercourse.

Vibrating cock rings are the easiest way to help out sex. They are completely hands-free, and come a huge array of shapes, sizes, and materials, so it's easy to find something that suits your needs and pleasures.

Reference Sources: The Hite Report on Female Sexuality by Shere Hite (1976)

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