Types of Vibrators for Women

Rabbit Vibrators:

With their unique construction, rabbit vibrators are the most popular vibrator today. The long, phallic, rotating shaft penetrates the vagina, while simultaneously a clitoral stimulator vibrates independently, with separate controls. Additionally, some of these vibrator shafts have beads (“pearls”) that twist and rotate for additional stimulation of the vaginal lips and/or the g-spot. The protruding, independent clitoral stimulators are usually shaped like animals: rabbits, beavers, panthers, and dolphins seem to be the most popular.

G-Spot Vibrators:

Difficult to reach and mysterious, the G-Spot can now be accessed by a woman with a specially curved vibrator. These vibrators offer a curved tip with a long shaft, so that, once inserted, a woman can reach the G-Spot on the upper wall in her vagina. A vibrator made of hard material is best because it doesn’t bend when inserted in the vagina.

Realistic Vibrators:

Made to look like a penis, these vibrators are made out of a wide variety of more flexible, or skin-like materials. Some have veins or ribbing for a more natural feel. Some of the newest materials are Cyberskin and UR3. They are amazing in their skin like quality and about as close as you can get to the real thing.

Classic Vibrators:

The most classic of vibrators, these “cylinder” vibrators come in various lengths. They are made of plastic and can be a bit noisy. They look like a small rocket ship, and they can really help you take off!

Tell me about Clitoral Vibrators:

With their straps that fit like underwear, this type of vibrator fits over the clitoris and is held in place providing hands-free fun. It can even comfortably be used while having intercourse. It is basically a bullet, with a jelly cover.

Bullet (Egg) Vibrators:

The unique shape of bullets/egg vibrators make them very versatile. They typically measure only 1 inch by 3 inches, and they’re attached by a small cord to a control unit/battery pack. Made of hard plastic, you can use them externally, insert them into the vagina or into the anus (best to use a condom when using them anally). They allow for more than 1 intensity level and some offer varying types of vibration (pulsating, surging, escalating, and roller coaster). Some bullet vibrators even come with sleeves that give a more sensual feel.

Waterproof Vibrators:

Waterproof vibrators have become increasingly popular. Who doesn’t love playing in the bath, at the beach or in the Jacuzzi. Now you can bring your water-friendly vibe along, and have MUCH more fun! Many shapes and materials are available. There are also waterproof rabbits if you want a multi-stimulation water proof vibe.

Remote Controlled Vibrators:

What will they think of next? A remote control vibrator can satisfy your kinkier side. These vibrators are fitted into panties without any wires, just press the remote for instant pleasure. Let your lover take charge of the remote and enjoy surprises all night long, when you’re out on the town. You’ll love it! One caution: like any vibrator, if used over an extended period of time, it tends to heat up, so be careful.

What is a Multifunction Vibrator?

“Multifunction” can mean that the vibrator produces stimulation in more than one way, or that it stimulates different parts of the anatomy simultaneously.

“Multifunction” is a frequently used term when it comes to vibrators. Basically it just means that the vibrator can produce stimulation in more than one way. This might mean that it simply produces more than one type of vibration; some vibrators pulse or throb as well as vibrate steadily. Some multifunction vibrators have a component that rotates, either a rotating shaft or head, or a compartment of beads in the shaft that turns. One of the most familiar examples of a multifunction vibrators are rabbit vibrators. It has multiple sources of stimulation (the rotating pearl beads in the shaft, and the vibrating rabbit at the base) and stimulates both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. There are also some multifunction vibrators that stimulate the vagina and the anus. Some get even more elaborate and can simultaneously stimulate all three!

Some multifunction vibes get very elaborate, with a lot of moving parts, multiple speeds, even blinking lights. While more is more, it isn’t always better when it comes to vibrators. Be cautious of vibrators that seem like they’re trying to do too much and remember that the more parts something has, the more there is that can break. On the other hand, if you enjoy high tech gadgets with lots of bells and whistles, there are plenty of these toys to keep you entertained.

What is an Eroscillator?

An Eroscillator is a specially designed vibrator that looks a bit like an electric toothbrush. It has a small head that moves from side to side. This is the vibrator endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

The Eroscillator is perhaps the most pedigreed sex toy on the market. According to the official Eroscillator website, it is the creation of a “world renowned” Swiss designer and is “scientifically engineered.” It looks like a large, bronze electric toothbrush. The head moves in a back and forth, in a side-to-side motion that is meant to mimic the movement of a finger on the clitoris. There are a few attachments available for it, including one that resembles anal beads, and another with tufts of brushes. There is also a cup attachment that can be used on penises, so men can also use this device.

The Eroscillator is endorsed by sex advice guru Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and is touted as being “university tested,” referring to a study conducted by Louis Lieberman and Mary Cuadrado, two sexologists at City University of New York. Their findings indicate that the women in their test group reported more orgasms and more intense orgasms while using the Eroscillator, compared to a coil vibrator and a Hitachi Magic Wand. A majority of the women also preferred the Eroscillator’s features over those of the other vibrators. However, it seems telling that the only place these results have been published is on a handful of sites that sell the Eroscillator products.

This vibrator is very different from any other vibrator on the market. This means, of course, that not everyone will like it. It is extremely powerful, and has a unique design that not everyone finds comfortable to handle. Do your research before you buy one to make sure this is an investment you want to make. People who like the Eroscillator really, really love it. People who don’t, however, really don’t. There isn’t a lot of gray area, and for the investment, you want to make sure that its right for you.

With a starting price of $99.95, the Eroscillator is a serious investment, but if its user testimonials of mind-blowing orgasms are accurate, it may be worth it for some people.

How do wireless remote control vibrators work?

Wireless remote control vibrators are activated via a radio frequency signal generated by a handheld controller, much the same was as a remote control toy car operates. Both the vibrator and the remote controller contain their own batteries to supply power.The radio signal from the controller switches the motor in the vibrator on and off and controls the speed. Usually there aren’t any wires involved at all, but sometimes the vibrator will have a tail-like antenna attached to it for better reception.

Can I use remote control vibrators in public?

Using a remote control vibrator might allow you to live out your fantasies of getting off in a public place without actually committing any overtly lewd acts. If you’re discreet, you might get away with it,or at least get a good thrill. Before you take your vibrator out on the road, you should give it a test drive at home to see how it performs. Some vibrators, even small ones, make more noise than you might think. If you have the vibrator tucked inside your pants or panties, is it going to hop around once activated? You’ll want to be sure that it’s secure and not easily dislodged by walking or sitting.If you operate it while sitting, is it going to be in a position to vibrate against your chair, and will that create noise? These are all factors you’ll want to take into consideration.

If your partner is going to be at the controls, you might want to experiment to find out what the range of the controller is. On the one hand, your partner might want to be close enough to hear your breath quicken as you get turned on, but on the other hand it might be exciting to sit on benches yards away from each other and pretend to be strangers as one of you secretly turns the other on.

Can I make my own vibrator?

You probably won’t be able to build one from scratch, but there are lots of handy things you can use or adapt. An electric toothbrush is by far the most popular device used as a vibrator.

There are kits available to buy to make your own dildo, and there is a vibrating version available. The tricky part can be finding a willing person with a penis you can make a mold of. There are several household items that contain vibrating or oscillating components that you can use. Electric toothbrushes have the advantages of being small, discreet, and fairly powerful. You can use them as a vibrator with or without the brush attachment. You can modify them by slipping a piece of flexible rubber hose or tubing over the brush to create a more comfortable “wand”. Heck, you could even fashion a “dildo” out of foam rubber or styrofoam, bore a hole in the center to insert the brush, and cover the whole thing with a condom to create a homemade vibrating dildo.

What is a vibrating dildo?

A dildo is a penis-shaped toy used for sexual stimulation or to simulate vaginal or anal intercourse. A vibrating dildo can be either a vibrator in the shape of a dildo, or a dildo designed primarily for penetration that also contains a small removable vibrator.

At one time, there were plastic, phallic-shaped vibrators for stimulation, and there were rubber dildos for penetration, and the two were separate entities. At some point in the evolution of sex toys, someone got the bright idea of combining the two, and they began to merge, and now we have an aray of every imaginable color and size, including the jack rabbit vibe and the vibrating double dong.

Since technically, a dildo is any phallic-shaped device meant for sexual insertion, and smooth plastic vibrators do still qualify as vibrating dildos. But when most people associate the word dildo with something that looks more like an actual penis. There are some extremely realistic-looking dildos that vibrate, as well as some extremely stylized ones. While most of these toys have the vibrator integrated into the dildo itself, there are also dildos available with removable egg or bullet vibrators.

Vibrating dildos can be used either to stimulate just the clitoris and external labia, or they can be used for penetration as well, with or without the vibrator turned on. Many women enjoy using a vibrating dildo in both capacities, to stimulate their clit as well as the vagina, often alternating the two. Vibrating dildos with built-in clit stimulators, like jack rabbit type vibrators, stimulate both the clit and vagina simultaneously.

Vibrating strap-on dildos are worn by one person, attached with a harness or elastic straps, and are used to penetrate another person either vaginally or anally. Vibrating strap-ons can be stimulating for both the wearer and the receiver. The vibration often transfers back to the person wearing the harness, and in some cases, there is a small vibrators positioned to stimulate the clit or balls of the person wearing the strap-on.

One thing to take into account with vibrating dildos is that the dildo material itself will absorb some of the vibrations. For this reason, vibrating dildos made out of softer materials like jelly rubber and Cyberskin, which is flesh-like, may have somewhat dampened vibrations. More solid materials like hard rubber, vinyl, plastic, and silicone transmit vibrations better.

Could I accidentally activate someone else’s remote control vibrator?

Unless you’re attending a high-tech swingers convention, it’s not likely that anyone nearby is going to be wearing an identical vibrator, and even if this scenario occurred, it’s unlikely they would figure out what was happening until after the fact, or let on if they did.

However, if you and a partner want to play a “hands-off” game where you both wear remote controlled vibrators and each partner controls the other’s, then this would become an issue. You would need to get two different models of remote controlled vibrator and make sure that the controls to each are keyed on different radio frequencies to avoid getting your signals crossed.