Tips on Using Your Vibrator

How do I use a vibrator to give myself an orgasm?

Relax, start slow, and get to know your vibrator and your body. Touch the vibrator to different parts of your genitals. Discover what feels good, then keep doing it. Let your arousal build and let nature take its course.

There really isn’t any “right” way to use a vibrator or to bring yourself to orgasm. The most important thing to remember is that a vibrator is a tool to help you stimulate yourself; while it can help you reach a climax, it’s not an instant orgasm machine. You control it and use it in the way that feels best to you.

To have the best experience with your vibrator, give yourself some time with it. Before you even switch it on, get relaxed and turned on. Take a bath, read an erotic story, get yourself in the mood. For most women, orgasms are as much psychological as they are physiological. If your mind isn’t in the right place, your body won’t be, either.

Experiment with your vibrator, try its different features, and apply it to different areas of your body to see what the sensations are like. Most women respond to clitoral stimulation, but you may prefer more or less intensity, or more or less direct stimulation. The labia and vulva are also sensitive.

If your vibrator is insertable, give that a try. Some women find penetration and vibration inside the vagina very pleasurable. A vibrator is the best tool you can use to find and stimulate your G-spot. This little node of pleasure is on the front wall of your vagina, a couple of inches in. It can take a few tries to find this spot, and not everyone who finds it actually likes it because of how sensitive it can be. Some women can’t find it at all. All of these things are normal, so you just have to see what works for you.

Many women need clitoral rather than vaginal stimulation to actually bring them to orgasm, so if vaginal penetration with your vibrator isn’t getting you off, go back to using the vibrator on your clit. One technique you can use with an smooth insertable vibrator is to place the tip against your clit, then slide the shaft down between your labia, insert the vibrator and slide it into your vagina, and then bring it back up in a reverse stroke, sliding along the clit again on the way up.

If you’re a man trying a vibrator, stroke it along the shaft of your penis and hold it against your glans (the head of your cock). If this is too intense, try placing the vibrator at the base of your balls or pressing it against your perineum (the skin between your balls and butt).

Once you discover what feels good, keep doing it, relax, and let your arousal build. If you find that the vibrator brings you to the point of climaxing too quickly, back off and try a less intense form of stimulation, or even use your hand for a while and go back to the vibrator. After you climax, take a break and go for round two, using the vibrator at a lower intensity if you’re sensitive. Just because a vibrator can get you off quickly doesn’t mean you have to rush yourself.

Can I insert a vibrator in my vagina?

Most dildo-type (penis shaped) vibrators can be safely inserted in the vagina. Use water or silicone-based lubrication, start slow, and don’t force it. Stop if you experience pain.

Most battery-powered vibrators are made to be inserted in the vagina. If you find that smooth plastic types aren’t comfortable, you may want to explore the variety of dildo materials that are now available to satisfy your tastes. Jelly rubber, silicone, or skin-like materials like Cyberskin or UR3 can completely change how a vibrator feels. Lubricants can greatly enhance your experience, making your vibrator easier to use and more pleasurable. If you’re concerned about hygiene or clean up, you can cover the vibrator with a condom. In any case, washing your vibrator with soap and warm water, or using a commercial toy-cleaner, is a good idea before and after using any sex toy.

If you have an electric (plug-in) vibrator, you will probably need to purchase attachments designed for vaginal insertion. The standard heads and attachments that come with most of these vibrators are either too large or not the right shape for insertion. Attachments available from sex toy retailers will fit your model of vibrator and are designed to be inserted vaginally and to stimulate the G-spot.

Tip: Use caution when inserting a small bullet or egg vibrator into your vagina, as it may be difficult to get it out. If you end up pulling on the wires of a vibrator repeatedly to retrieve it from your vagina, eventually they will come off. A better method is to place the vibrator inside a condom and push it into the vagina, leaving the open end of the condom outside the vagina. To remove the vibrator when you’re done, just tug on the condom and pull the whole thing out.

Can I insert a vibrator in my anus?

Dildo-shaped vibrators should not be used for anal insertion if they do not have a flanged base or something at the bottom end that will effectively stop them from going all the way up the rectum. If a vibrator does go all the way into your rectum, it is possible for it to get stuck in your colon, and it may require a very embarrassing trip to the emergency room to get it out. There are a variety of safe vibrating anal toys available that are specially designed to avoid this risk, including vibrating butt plugs, anal beads, and anal probes.

If you have a plug-in vibrator, obviously you’re in no danger of losing it, but you may have trouble getting it up there in the first place. You’ll probably need to purchase special attachments for vaginal or anal insertion. Attachments are available for the Hitachi Magic Wand that resemble dildos or rippled anal probes.

Whenever you insert anything in your rear, use plenty of lube. Water-based lube is compatible with all vibrating toys and attachments, though silicone-based lubes last longer and don’t go on cold.

How do I use vibrators to stimulate my G-spot?

It’s not hard to stroke your G-spot with an insertable vibrator or vibrating dildo. Everyone’s anatomy is slightly different, so it may take a few tries to get it right. You may feel the G-spot as a small pea to walnut-sized protrusion on the front wall of the vagina, and it’s easier to hit it on the out stroke, especially if your toy has a ridge on top. Some vibrators and vibrator attachments are curved or angled up specifically to reach the G-spot. When you insert these toys, then pull them forward into position, the curved tip rests against the G-spot and delivers the vibrations directly to it. This may produce some very intense sensations.

The G-spot is also know as the urethral sponge, and is also sometimes referred to as the “female prostate.” When stimulated, it become engorged with fluid. Although this may produce a sensation of urinary urgency, it is very unlikely that you will actually pee (it’s difficult to pee during a state of high sexual arousal). On the other hand, you may experience female ejaculation, in which a clear, odorless fluid is expelled through the urethra during orgasm. Female ejaculation is accompanied by earth-shaking orgasms, so let it go and let it flow!

It’s likely to take a few tries to find this spot, and some women may not find it all. Then again, once you do find it, you may discover that g-spot stimulation is uncomfortable. This is a very sensitive spot, and for some women, the sensation isn’t particularly pleasurable. The trick is simply figuring out what works for you and going with it. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can experience mind-blowing orgasms through g-spot stimulation, more power to you. If not, that’s okay, too. Just remember, whatever your body does is what is normal for it. Experimentation is the only way to find out what you can do with it!

How do I use vibrators to stimulate my prostate?

If you really want to be certain you’ll hit your prostate on the first try, you can get an angled T-shaped vibrator that will aim straight for your P-spot. Otherwise, slide your vibrator a few inches into your rectum. This should put the tip of it near your prostate, which is located between the wall of the rectum and bladder. Angle the head of the vibrator toward your belly button so it presses against the inner wall of your rectum. If you move it in and out slightly, you may feel it rubbing against the prostate. Switch it on if you haven’t already, and use it to stimulate your P-spot, keeping pressure against the wall of the rectum. You can also move it down and then up, so you get it pressed up “under” the prostate. As the prostate gets stimulated, you may feel the urge to urinate. This is normal.

Whenever you insert anything into your anus, make sure it has a flared base or something to stop it from going all the way in. Use plenty of lube, don’t force it, and stop if you feel pain.

Should I use a sexual lubricant with my vibrator?

Most people prefer using a personal lube with their vibrator. Whether stimulating the clitoris, vagina or anus, lubricants make vibrators more enjoyable. Using a lube during masturbation is safe, sensual and often necessary. It allows sex toys to slip and slide with ease for a sensuous good time.

Should I use a sexual lubricant with my vibrator?

Most people prefer using a personal lube with their vibrator. Whether stimulating the clitoris, vagina or anus, lubricants make vibrators more enjoyable. Using a lube during masturbation is safe, sensual and often necessary. It allows sex toys to slip and slide with ease for a sensuous good time. What kind of lube works best with a vibrator?

The type of lube you can use with your vibrator depends on what the vibrator casing is made of. Silicone-based lubricants such as Id Millennium and Eros Bodyglide are the highest quality. They stay very slick like an oil-based lube without harming condoms or non-silicone toys. Silicone lubricants have the added advantage of not feeling cold when you apply them like water-based lubes do. However, you can’t use them with silicone vibrators, as this will damage the material over time.

Water-based lubes such as Id Glide and Wet Original are safe to use with all materials. Never use an oil-base lube with condoms or any toys made of rubber, jelly, or latex. Oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline, mineral oil, baby oil, and lubes designed specifically for male masturbation will cause any rubber material to disintegrate.

Some women report vaginal infections or irritation when using silicone lubes or water-based lubes that contain glycerin. If you’re concerned about having a reaction, test the lube first on a small patch of skin in a sensitive area like the inside of the elbow or inner thigh. Never use oil-base lubes in the vagina, as they can lead to irritation and yeast infections. Also, make sure to use the bathroom and wash up with mild soap and water after any kind of vaginal stimulation. Any sexual act can push bacteria up the urethra, and it’s necessary to flush that out to avoid infections.

Should I put a condom over my vibrator?

For solo play, a condom is not necessary unless you really want to make clean up easy. If you are sharing your vibrator with a sex partner (or partners), put a condom over it and change the condom each time it is used by a different person. In either case, if you are inserting the vibrator both vaginally and anally, use a condom on the vibrator and change it between orifices to avoid infection.

Putting a condom over your vibrator is a good way to extend its life and make clean up easier, but it isn’t necessary for solo masturbation unless you’re using the vibrator in both your vagina and anus. You should never put anything in your vagina after it’s been in your rear, so if you’re using your vibrator anally, cover it with a condom first, then remove the condom before you insert it in your vagina or touch it to your genitals.

If you’re sharing a vibrator with a partner, you should definitely cover it with a condom and change the condom each time the vibrator is used by a different person. This helps avoid mingling sexual fluids and transmitting STDs or microorganisms that can cause vaginal infections.

What are vibrator attachments used for?

Attachments for vibrators are designed either for vaginal or anal insertion, or to provide different types of external stimulation.

If you’ve purchased a vibrator that came with a few different attachments, some of them may look rather puzzling. Their explicit purposes will depend on the type of vibrator and whether it was sold as a sex toy or a massager. Vibrators sold as sex toys often come with attachments for vaginal and anal insertion, and for clitoral or penile stimulation.

Vibrators that are sold for muscle massage, on the other hand, come with attachments that are designed to stimulate the skin, scalp, and muscles, and not necessarily in a sexual manner. This is not to say that these attachments can’t be adapted to use for sexual stimulation, just that they’re not specifically designed for it.

For some popular electrical massagers, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, you can purchase attachments that are made specifically for sexual play. Whatever type of attachments you have or purchase for your vibrator, feel free to experiment with them. Just because the instruction say that an attachment is designed to stimulate the penis head, for example, doesn’t mean it won’t feel great on your nipples or your clitoris.

Can I use my vibrator in the bath, hot tub, or shower?

There is a wide variety of waterproof vibrators available for playing in the tub. There are waterproof versions of rabbit vibrators, bullets, contour vibes, phallic vibes, pocket rockets; just about any battery-operated vibrator you can think of, there’s a waterproof one. However, you have to look for a vibrator that specifically says it’s waterproof. If it’s not, getting it wet will probably ruin it.

Never, ever use an electrical (plug-in) vibrator in the bath or hot tub. You will probably electrocute yourself.

How do I use a vibrator on my partner?

Vibrators can be a great addition to a couple’s sex life. Ideally, you and your partner should select the vibrator together. The more you communicate with each other about any aspect of your lovemaking, the better. Whipping out a vibrator during foreplay or sex without talking about it first can backfire. Plus, you need to get a vibrator that provides the type of stimulation you both like.

Once you done some shopping together, you and your partner can try incorporating the vibrator into your foreplay or lovemaking. Be sure the vibrator is available and ready to go before you begin your session. Having to fumble with packaging or load the batteries can spoil the mood. Have it at hand on the bed or within easy reach so you can grab it when the moment is right.

When you get to the point in foreplay when you and your partner are petting or stimulating each other’s genitals, grab the vibrator. As you’re using your hands or mouth to stimulate your partner, transition from manual or oral stimulation to using the vibrator on your partner. Pay attention to their responses and what they enjoy. If it’s more comfortable for your partner, you can give them the vibrator or the controls and let them pleasure themselves while you fondle them in other ways.

What is teledonics or cyberdildonics (using a computer to control a vibrator over the internet)?

Teledildonics or cyberdildonics: using a computer and Web-based interface to control a vibrator remotely. The technology has existed for several years, but only recently has the technology become widely available to everyone.

The way it works is that you plug a vibrator into your computer, then you establish a connection with your cyber partner via the internet. This may involve using webcams to enhance the experience visually. Your partner, using their keyboard or other controls on their computer, can then operate your vibrator, switching it on or off or adjusting the speed. During the experience you communicate with them over Internet chat.

The only vibrator we know of like this is the Internet Enabled Rabbit, made by Doc Johnson. Styled similarly to their popular IVibe Rabbit, the Internet Enabled Rabbit plugs right into your computer, and can be controlled by your partner with a subscription to, an online dating service.

There is also something called the Virtual Sex Machine, which is a male masturbator that plugs into a computer’s printer port and is programmed to respond in synch to onscreen action in certain specially coded videos.

Finally, although it’s not controlled through your computer, you can buy a vibrator that is powered by your computer. This vibrator plugs into your USB port and draws its current from the computer’s power source. It’s not controlled through your computer or mouse; the switches are on a controller attached to the vibrator. Nevertheless, it’s a nifty high-tech toy.