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If I use a vibrator, will I still be a virgin?

That depends on how you define virginity. If you insert a vibrator into your vagina, you may break your hymen (the membrane at the entrance of the vagina). But many women break their hymens by using tampons, riding a bike, or through other completely non-sexual activities. Most people define a virgin as someone who has not had sexual intercourse with a person. Insertion of a dildo, vibrator, or other object isn't generally called sex, it's called masturbation. If someone who has masturbated isn't considered a virgin, there's not a man in the world who comes to the marriage bed a virgin. If your definition of virginity hinges on cultural customs or religious beliefs, you will have to refer to a higher authority for the answer.

If you are trying to preserve your virginity because you are waiting until marriage or for some other reason, and using a vibrator doesn't violate the definition of virginity as defined in your belief system, then using a vibrator for masturbating can be a great way to gratify your natural sexual needs in a safe and healthy manner. Self-pleasure is the safest sex there is!

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