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Can I use someone else's vibrator?

If you use someone else's sex toys, always make sure to clean and disinfect them first or cover them with a condom to avoid transmitting germs or STDs.

If you're using another person's vibrator because you don't have one of your own, or if you are sharing one during sex play with a partner, you need to be aware that you can catch something off of it.

To be safe, wash the toy thoroughly with soap and hot water. Remove the batteries first, and if it's not a waterproof vibrator make sure not to submerge it or get water near the battery compartment. If it's an electric vibrator, make sure it's not plugged in before you wash it. You can disinfect the surface with hydrogen peroxide (bleach or alcohol may damage the toy material). Whenever sharing a toy, it's also a good idea to cover it with a condom, which makes it easier to clean between uses/users. If you and a friend are playing with a vibrator together, remember that passing a vibrator back and forth is exactly the same as having unprotected sex: unsafe! Clean it with an anti-bacterial wash or change the condom when the vibrator passes between users/orifices.

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