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Arenít all vibrators the same?

Not in any way! Half the fun of shopping for vibrators is the wide variety of options available. Vibrators vary greatly in speed and intensity of vibration, from a gentle hum to a merciless throb. Some vibrators have multiple speeds and settings, and the material that they are made out of will also affect the sensation produced. Hard plastic, acrylic, and silicone vibrators tend to transmit vibrations most strongly, while jelly, rubber, and synthetic-flesh materials such as UltraSkin and UR3 dampen the vibrations. Battery-powered vibrators generally produce less power than their plug-in electrical counterparts, which doesnít mean one kind is better than another. Your needs will also vary depending on which erogenous zone you are stimulating, not mention your mood, your current body chemistry, maybe even the position of the moon. Keeping a variety of vibrators handy ensures that your needs of the moment are always met!

Here is a list of some of the different types of vibrators (click to learn more about each type):
Rabbit Vibrators
G-Spot Vibrators
Realistic Vibrators
Classic Vibrators
Clitoral Vibrators
Egg & Bullet Vibrators
Remote Control Vibrators
Multi-Function Vibrators
The Eroscillator
Waterproof Vibrators

Why Vibrators?

What makes vibrators so popular?
Arenít all vibrators the same?
Who invented vibrators?
Were vibrators always used for sexual purposes?
Where can I see or buy antique vibrators?

Rabbit Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators

Glass Dildos

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