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Can I use remote control vibrators in public?

Using a remote control vibrator might allow you to live out your fantasies of getting off in a public place without actually committing any overtly lewd acts. If you're discreet, you might get away with it,or at least get a good thrill. Before you take your vibrator out on the road, you should give it a test drive at home to see how it performs. Some vibrators, even small ones, make more noise than you might think. If you have the vibrator tucked inside your pants or panties, is it going to hop around once activated? You'll want to be sure that it's secure and not easily dislodged by walking or sitting.If you operate it while sitting, is it going to be in a position to vibrate against your chair, and will that create noise? These are all factors you'll want to take into consideration.

If your partner is going to be at the controls, you might want to experiment to find out what the range of the controller is. On the one hand, your partner might want to be close enough to hear your breath quicken as you get turned on, but on the other hand it might be exciting to sit on benches yards away from each other and pretend to be strangers as one of you secretly turns the other on.

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