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Tell me about vibrating penis pumps

Penis pumps use a vacuum tube around the penis to force blood into the member, thereby making it longer, harder, and bigger than it normally is in its erect state. Though it hasn't been proved, there are those who claim that prolonged use of pumps can permanently increase penile length by stretching the ligaments in the penis. Nevertheless, penis pumps do provide at least temporary erection enhancement, and many men find the suction provided by the pumps to be very stimulating, sort of like a mega blow job. A vibrator in the pump can increase the level of stimulation. Usually the vibrators in penis pumps are small bullet or egg vibrators located at the base of the shaft, but some have vibrators placed at the top of the tube. If you're pumping to achieve size and length a vibrator in your penis pump isn't going to make any difference. But if you're using it as a masturbation toy, a vibrator can turn your pump job into a hummer.

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