Other Types of Vibrating Sex Toys

What are vibrating nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps provide sustained nipple stimulation by applying constant pressure to the nipples in a vice or clamp-like device. Although they are often classed as a bondage or sadomasochism-type toy, they can be used by anybody who really enjoys having their breasts played with. Nipple clamps provide constant, hands-free stimulation.

Vibrating nipple clamps have miniature bullet-shaped vibrators suspended from them to intensify the stimulation. They can be used with or without the vibrators turned on. The vibrators add some weight to the clamps and will swing as you move, providing extra sensation as they pull on the clamps.

Because clamps restrict blood flow, they should never be used for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. When applying clamps, never allow them to “snap” shut on the nipple; instead, release them slowly, applying steady pressure. Nipple clamps may smart a bit at first, but should become pleasurable within a few seconds. Remove at once if they cause prolonged discomfort, swelling, or discoloration of the skin.

Vibrating nipple clamps can also be used on the clitoris or labia. They can be clamped directly onto the clit or vaginal lips. Additionally, you can make your own vibrating panties by clamping one strategically to the inside of your underwear.

Can I use my Ipod as a vibrator?

There are devices out there that can link up your iPod to a vibrator. One of these toys is called an Ibuzz.Using iBuzz is easy. Connect iBuzz to your music player, turn on your favorite tune and let the vibrations take you to heaven. It works with any MP3 or portable music device. You can turn up the music for stronger vibrations and the bullet vibrates in time to your music. There are his and hers attachments so everyone can join in the fun. You can also plug the iBuzz into a walkman or a discman.

Can I use my cell phone as a vibrator?

Yes, you can turn your cell phone into a vibrator by selecting the vibration alert feature on your phone, and then repeatedly causing it to go off either manually or by using software. Phreaking.org posted an article on how to program an Ericsson T68 to serve as a vibrator.

Software to continuously activate a phones vibration alert is available for download via WAP. Vibelet.com offers the Purring Pussy Program. This program activates your phones vibrator while displaying an image of a purring, contented cat on the LCD screen. The software is only compatible with certain mobile phone models, so check their site first to make sure your model is listed. You must also have wireless Internet service on your phone to download it.

What is a vibrating butt plug?

A butt plug is a small conical plug, usually made of rubber or silicone, that is inserted anally and held in by the rectal muscles. It stimulates the anal area and prostate during sex or masturbation. A vibrating butt plug contains a small vibrator to intensify the stimulation.

Butt plugs are used to enhance sex or masturbation by providing a sense of stimulation and fullness in the rectum. Usually made of rubber or silicone, they are a few inches long, tapered at the tip for easy insertion, widen in the middle or near the base, and then become narrow again. This flared shape holds them in place just inside the anal sphincter, where they stimulate the nerve endings in the anus and the prostate gland in men. Adding vibration increases the stimulation provided by a butt plug.

Vibrating butt plugs are butt plugs that contain a small vibrator. The vibrator may be built into the plug, or it may fit into the base of the toy and be removable. The latter is preferable for ease of use and versatility. Some vibrating butt plugs have other capabilities as well, such as inflating or ejaculating. Using a vibrating butt plug is preferable to inserting a dildo-like vibrator into your rectum, because there is no chance that the plug will slip in too far and get stuck. Many vibrating butt plugs use wireless remote control vibrators. However, if a vibrating butt plug has a cord running to the vibrator, don’t pull on the cord to remove the plug, because that may cause the wire to disconnect or fray. Instead, pull on the base of the plug to extract it.

If you’re trying a vibrating butt plug and haven’t used a butt plug before, give the plug a test run without using the vibration. This will give you a chance to get used to the sensation of having it in your butt. Remember that the anus and rectum are very rich in nerve endings, so every sensation in this region is greatly magnified.

If you have a regular butt plug and you want to simulate the effect of a vibrating butt plug, you can just insert the plug and press a vibrator against the base. The plug will transmit the vibrations, although it may not be as intense as having the vibrator actually inside the anus.

What is a vibrating anal probe?

A vibrating anal probe is a long slender probe for insertion in the anus that contains a vibrator for additional stimulation.

Vibrating anal probes, alien abductions aside, are sex toys meant to stimulate the anus, usually through depth rather than girth. Anal probes are usually quite slender, although some have beads or bumped surfaces to provide extra stimulation. Vibrations can greatly enhance the value of this toy, since the rectum is so sensitive that the smallest sensation is greatly amplified.

Many probes feature multifunction vibrations, meaning that the vibrations pulse in different patterns or run up and down the shaft of the probe. Given the sensitivity of the inside of the rear, these sensations can actually be quite erotic, as can probes with bumps and beads. Although these toys are not quite as versatile as vibrating dildos, if you enjoy anal stimulation but have a low threshold for anal penetration or don’t want to get too stretched out, an anal probe may be right up your alley.

What are vibrating anal beads?

Anal beads are a series of balls on a string or rod designed for insertion into the anus. The balls produce stimulation as they pass through the sphincter. They are often pulled out at the moment of climax. Vibrating anal beads contain a vibrating element to increase stimulation while they are held in the rectum.

Anal beads stimulate the anus by popping in and out of the sphincter, and vibrating anal beads add to the fun by vibrating while inside the rectum. Traditional anal beads are basically a series of balls strung on a cord that are pushed one by one into the anus, and then pulled out, often at the moment of climax for maximum effect. Another version of this toy is a series of balls that are stacked or connected by a solid piece of material. In either case the effect is similar, creating a rippling effect as the balls move in and then out of the anal sphincter.

Vibration augments the anal stimulation provide by this toy, especially when the balls are held inside the rectum. The anal nerve ending are extremely sensitive, and the smallest movement becomes greatly magnified. The addition of vibrators in the beads also increases their weight, which produces sensations that some people find pleasurable.

When purchasing vibrating anal beads, consider the construction and location of the vibrating element. If the vibrator wire and extraction cord are one and the same, you can expect that they probably are not going to hold up very long due to the stress of repeatedly pulling on the wire.