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Can men use vibrators?

Men can use vibrators in a lot of different ways, so the best vibrator for a man depends on what part of his anatomy he wants to stimulate and how. And thanks to the technology of miniature vibrators, it's possible to put a vibrator just about anywhere you want it.

If a man wants to use the vibrator primarily on his penis and get a lot of direct stimulation on the head, the best choice is an electric or battery-powered vibrator that comes with a cup-shaped attachment. These are designed to surround the cock head and transmit the vibrations directly to the penis head or glans. For electric vibrators, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, the attachment will need to be purchased separately. He can use this type of vibrator alone or in combination with manual stroking for masturbation.

If a man wants less direct stimulation, or wants to combine vibration with manual stimulation, oral sex, or intercourse, a vibrating cock ring (such as the Clearly Sensual) or vibrating pouch (such as the Adonis Pouch) is the way to go. These devices hold a small egg or bullet vibrator in place at the base of the penis or under the testes, stimulating the balls with vibration.

For prostate or P-spot stimulation, the most direct way to excite this spot by inserting a T-shaped vibrator into the anus that is angled toward the prostate. A vibrating butt plug or anal probe will also press against the prostate, especially if it is angled toward the penis.

For penile stimulation, the best is a standard vibrator with a cup attachment. For scrotal stimulation, the best is a vibrating cock ring or vibrator pouch.

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