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What kind of lube works best with a vibrator?

The type of lube you can use with your vibrator depends on what the vibrator casing is made of. Silicone-based lubricants such as Id Millennium and Eros Bodyglide are the highest quality. They stay very slick like an oil-based lube without harming condoms or non-silicone toys. Silicone lubricants have the added advantage of not feeling cold when you apply them like water-based lubes do. However, you can't use them with silicone vibrators, as this will damage the material over time.

Water-based lubes such as Id Glide and Wet Original are safe to use with all materials. Never use an oil-base lube with condoms or any toys made of rubber, jelly, or latex. Oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline, mineral oil, baby oil, and lubes designed specifically for male masturbation will cause any rubber material to disintegrate.

Some women report vaginal infections or irritation when using silicone lubes or water-based lubes that contain glycerin. If you're concerned about having a reaction, test the lube first on a small patch of skin in a sensitive area like the inside of the elbow or inner thigh. Never use oil-base lubes in the vagina, as they can lead to irritation and yeast infections. Also, make sure to use the bathroom and wash up with mild soap and water after any kind of vaginal stimulation. Any sexual act can push bacteria up the urethra, and it's necessary to flush that out to avoid infections.

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