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Rabbit Habit Vibrator - Review

The Rabbit Habit Vibrator is the real thing! More than five years after its release, it is one of the most popular vibrators out there - and for good reason. A high-quality Japanese vibrator, just like its cousin the Rabbit Pearl, though this one is longer and the controls are located in the base rather than in a seperate controler.

Bend the shaft slightly on the multi-stimulating Rabbit Habit vibrator and the beads will rotate at the entrance to the vaginal opening (a highly sensitive area), and the clitoris sits right between the vibrating ears of the rabbit! The shaft and the ears on the Rabbit Habit are independently controlled and speed is variable on both. You'll have hours of orgasmic fun with the dual stimulator Rabbit Habit vibe from Vibratex.

On the negative side, it doesn't offer all the vibrator functions of the latest programable vibrators, such as escalating, pulsating, and extra strong vibration.

9 inches total length X 1.25 inches wide (5 insertable inches). Made of high-quality vinyl (latex free). Requires 3 AA Batteries.

Here's what other users are saying:
I love the Rabbit Habit Vibrator, but my boyfriend HATES it! He says I like it better than the real thing. Maybe he's right? Cheryl, FL

This bunny doesn't stop until the job is done. I close my eyes and feel the waves of pleasure come over me. The Vibratex Habit Vibrator is awesome. Nancy, NC

I wish my husband could move like the Rabbit Habit Vibrator! Mary, NY

I think the Rabbit Habit Vibe is the greatest thing I have ever had. I have never had such a powerful orgasm before in my life and I am gonna try some more. I think all women should own at least one toy and this should be the one. Amber in IL