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I'm still a virgin. Will a vibrator help me get ready for my first time?

Masturbating with a vibrator can help you get more comfortable with your sexuality and become more familiar with the sexual responses of your body and the sensations of genital stimulation and/or penetration. However, having an intimate physical encounter with another person will be a different type of experience.

Getting yourself off with a vibrator is a relatively simple and straightforward business. Getting it on with a flesh-and-blood person is a whole different story. The key to enjoying real intercourse is communication: communicating your desires and needs to your partner, and understanding theirs. Communication is something you can't learn from a vibrator. But you can learn about what feels good to you, and being comfortable with your own body and your sexual feelings is essential preparation for being intimate with a partner. Do you like direct clitoral stimulation, or deep penetration? These are good things to know before you get into bed with someone.

A vibrator's controls are very simple - on and off, fast or slow - and you remain in complete control of the experience while stimulating yourself. A certain element of sex involves giving up that control and sharing it with your partner. This is also what makes sexual intimacy exciting and meaningful. A great way to build trust and intimacy (not to mention arousal) with your partner is to tell and show them what you enjoy sexually. That can mean introducing them to your vibrator and incorporating it into your sex play.

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