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Can a vibrator give me my first orgasm?

Probably. Many women experience their first orgasm with the help of a vibrator. (Men are usually able to achieve their first climax through manual stimulation.)

If you've never experienced an orgasm, try manual stimulation first. If that doesn't work, a vibrator may help you make the breakthrough. Try getting a model with a moderately strong level of vibration, and give yourself enough time to play around with it and experiment. Get used to it, use it on different part of your genitals, and give yourself time to reach a level of sexual excitation.

Make sure that you're relaxed and in the mood when you use your vibrator. Fantasize, read some sexy stories, or look at porn if that gets you turned on. Not everyone needs a vibrator to get off, but it can make the experience even more enjoyable. After you have your first orgasmic experience with a vibrator, you'll probably find that you want to continue using it at least some of the time. Or maybe a lot of the time.

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Can a vibrator give me my first orgasm?
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