What makes a Vibrator vibrate?

Vibrators are powered by a small motor that spins an off-center weight really fast. Because the weight is off-center, the vibrator shakes. Battery operated vibrators have relatively small motors designed to use the low-current power of a battery. For that reason, they create less powerful vibrations and may have shorter life spans. Battery-powered vibrators are usually designed so that the entire device vibrates, although the location of the motor in the vibrator may determine where the most intense vibrations are.

Plug-in vibrators like the Hitachi Magic Wand use a standard 120V wall current. They have heavier-duty motors, so weigh more, but are also less prone to break down, and produce much stronger and more consistent vibrations. They’re often designed so that an attachment or head is the primary point of vibration.

Are massagers and vibrators the same thing?

They can be. There are differences in the intent of the marketer, and sometimes the design of a massager can limit where you can use it, but most massagers have the same vibrating motor as “vibrators” do. Shiatsu-style massagers, like the kind that are found in massage chairs, don’t usually vibrate, however.

The word “massager” is used by manufacturers to indicate that a device is primarily designed to soothe tired and aching muscles in, say, your back. It’s also used by people selling and distributing sex toys when they want to be discreet. The term vibrator tends to be used specifically for sex toys. However, there are lots of massagers that really are vibrators, or easily adapted for such a purpose.

Should I use a massager for masturbation?

The answer here is that anything can be used for masturbation, as long as it turns you on and pushes your buttons. Most devices sold as “massagers” can be and are used as vibrators for sexual stimulation. Massagers that would not be suitable for use on the genitals are those which are designed specifically for other parts of the anatomy, such as the feet or back. Percussive massagers for the back and shoulders aren’t likely be effective tools for masturbation, but who knows? Different people enjoy different things.

Massagers tend to produce stronger vibrations, so if the sensation is too intense, you can place a towel between yourself and your massager, or use the massager through your clothes. Special attachments are available for the Hitachi Magic Wand that are designed specifically for genital stimulation, including attachments for vaginal or anal penetration.

Where can I buy vibrators online?

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