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Can I electrocute myself with my vibrator?

This is unlikely. Battery-powered vibrators do not have enough voltage to cause serious injury. It may be possible to electrocute yourself with a plug-in vibrator such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, but the danger is no more than that of using a hair dryer or other small electrical appliance. Exercise the same safety cautions you would in using any plug-in electric device, and keep it away from water.

Electrical or plug-in vibrators are electrical appliances and you need to take the same precautions when using them as you would with a hair dryer, toaster, or boom box. In other words, keep them away from water. Don't use them in or near water, don't use them if you're standing on a wet floor, and don't use them or plug or unplug them if your hands are wet. That may sound obvious, but a lot of people use vibrators in the bathroom as well as the bedroom. But you shouldn't ever use a plug-in vibrator near a full sink, bath, or toilet where there's a risk that you might drop it in. If you do accidentally drop an electrical vibrator into water, get away from it, make sure you're dry, then call 911 and ask for instructions.

As for battery-powered vibrators, there is a minor risk that you could get a shock, but you won't get electrocuted; the batteries simply don't have enough juice. Just be sure that the batteries are in the right way, and that your vibrator is not defective or broken. If it has an external battery pack or control pack, make sure the wires are securely attached and not frayed. Don't use a battery-powered vibrator in water or get it wet unless the maker says it is waterproof.

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