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Are cock rings for you? What are vibrating cock rings?

Cock rings fit at the base of the penis or go around both the penis and testicles. They prolong erection by restricting the flow of blood out of the penis; once the cock becomes engorged with blood, the blood leaves more slowly, making the penis harder for longer. Many men use cock rings to enhance their erections during masturbation or intercourse.

With the addition of a small vibrator, a cock ring can also stimulate the wearer along with his partner. Most vibrating cock rings are made of a stretchy material, usually jelly rubber or silicone, and have a small egg or bullet vibrator attached or embedded in them. The vibrator is sometimes positioned vertically, sometime horizontally. In either case, the cock ring's vibrator can be used to stimulate a female partner's clit by wearing it on the top side of the cock. When the cock is fully inserted, the vibrator should touch against the clitoris. The cock ring's vibrator can also be positioned to stimulate the partner's perineum during anal intercourse.

Most vibrating cock rings can also be worn so they stimulate the testicles. If the ring is large or stretchy enough, the flaccid cock and balls can be pulled through it so it encircles the base of the cock and the testes. The vibrator can be positioned directly beneath the balls. With a smaller cock ring or one that has a vertically mounted vibrator, the ring can be worn with the vibrator pointing downward and pressed into the balls.

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