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What is a vibrating butt plug?

A butt plug is a small conical plug, usually made of rubber or silicone, that is inserted anally and held in by the rectal muscles. It stimulates the anal area and prostate during sex or masturbation. A vibrating butt plug contains a small vibrator to intensify the stimulation.

Butt plugs are used to enhance sex or masturbation by providing a sense of stimulation and fullness in the rectum. Usually made of rubber or silicone, they are a few inches long, tapered at the tip for easy insertion, widen in the middle or near the base, and then become narrow again. This flared shape holds them in place just inside the anal sphincter, where they stimulate the nerve endings in the anus and the prostate gland in men. Adding vibration increases the stimulation provided by a butt plug.

Vibrating butt plugs are butt plugs that contain a small vibrator. The vibrator may be built into the plug, or it may fit into the base of the toy and be removable. The latter is preferable for ease of use and versatility. Some vibrating butt plugs have other capabilities as well, such as inflating or ejaculating. Using a vibrating butt plug is preferable to inserting a dildo-like vibrator into your rectum, because there is no chance that the plug will slip in too far and get stuck. Many vibrating butt plugs use wireless remote control vibrators. However, if a vibrating butt plug has a cord running to the vibrator, don't pull on the cord to remove the plug, because that may cause the wire to disconnect or fray. Instead, pull on the base of the plug to extract it.

If you're trying a vibrating butt plug and haven't used a butt plug before, give the plug a test run without using the vibration. This will give you a chance to get used to the sensation of having it in your butt. Remember that the anus and rectum are very rich in nerve endings, so every sensation in this region is greatly magnified.

If you have a regular butt plug and you want to simulate the effect of a vibrating butt plug, you can just insert the plug and press a vibrator against the base. The plug will transmit the vibrations, although it may not be as intense as having the vibrator actually inside the anus.

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