What Is A One Night Stand And Should You Avoid Them?

Even though one night stands are hot in books, film, and pop culture in general, they aren’t as glamorous as Hollywood makes them out to be. The truth is there are certain realities that come with having a one night stand, and this article is going to explain more about this topic.

What Is A One Night Stand?

Basically, when you have a one night stand, you have sex with no strings attached. In fact, the person it happens with is usually a stranger you don’t see again. But in essence, the sex just happens and no emotional attachments are created. For some, this is the perfect way of life. For others, it’s the worst possible way to experience sex.

Should You Avoid Them?

The question of whether you should avoid them is totally up to you. Only you can decide whether you want to assume the risks involved, which are plenty when you dig deep enough. But when you skim the surface of one night stands, several reasons quickly come up on why you should try to avoid it.

Common Reasons For Avoiding One Night Stands

– STD’s

Even in a modern world with all these different types of medicine, sexually transmitted diseases remain a big threat. And when you have intercourse with someone who doesn’t exactly have a clean history, there is no telling what you’ll be risking. This is especially true if you don’t practice safe sex.

– You Don’t Know Who You Are Going Home With

Another big consideration should be the person you are spending the night with. For all you know, they could be violent or crazy, which leaves you in a very dangerous position. So, it’s definitely recommended to have a one night stand if you value your safety.

– Bad First Impression

Not everyone sees sex in the same light. But it says something about an individual when they are willing to have sex with anyone, simply for the pleasure of it. Whether this is a good or bad thing is most definitely a personal issue, but it’s an issue nonetheless.

Ultimately, you have to decide how much depth and meaning you put into your sex life. But even if you are only out for pleasure, keep those above-mentioned risks in mind. There are many more reasons to avoid a one night stand, and you want to get familiar with them too before making a final decision.