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Standard Vibrator

Information About Vibrators?

What makes vibrators so popular?
Aren’t all vibrators the same?
Who invented vibrators?
Were vibrators always used for sexual purposes?
Where can I see or buy antique vibrators?

How a Vibrator Works

Vibrators FAQ

What makes a vibrator vibrate?
Are massagers and vibrators the same thing?
Should I use a massager for masturbation?
Where can I buy vibrators online?

How To Use Vibrators

Using Your Vibrator

How do I use a vibrator to give myself an orgasm?
Can I insert a vibrator in my vagina?
Can I insert a vibrator in my anus?
How do I use vibrators to stimulate my G-spot?
How do I use vibrators to stimulate my prostate?
Should I use a sexual lubricant with my vibrator?
What kind of lube works best with a vibrator?
Should I put a condom over my vibrator?
What are vibrator attachments used for?
Can I use my vibrator in the bath, hot tub, or shower?
How do I use a vibrator on my partner?
What is teledonics or cyberdildonics (using a computer to control a vibrator over the internet)?

Vibrator safety

Vibrator Safety, Precautions,
Storage and Care

Can I hurt myself with a vibrator?
Can I get an infection from my vibrator?
Can I electrocute myself with my vibrator?
What should I do if I get a vibrator stuck in my vagina?
What if I get a vibrator stuck in my anus?
Can I use someone else's vibrator?
Is it possible for a hard plastic vibrator to break and injure me?
How long can a vibrator be used before throwing it away?
Are there signs of impending breakdown?
How should I store my vibrators?
How should I clean my vibrator?
If my vibrator breaks, can I get it fixed?
What are the best batteries to use in a vibrator?
How long will the batteries last?
Are there rechargeable vibrators?
How do I silence noisy batteries?

Using a Vibrator to Orgasm

Sexuality—Learning About Orgasms

Can a vibrator give me my first orgasm?
Can I use a vibrator help me orgasm during intercourse?
I'm still a virgin. Will a vibrator help me get ready for my first time?
If I use a vibrator, will I still be a virgin?
What is the fastest way to reach orgasm?
I still can't come. What am I doing wrong?
My vibrator isn't getting me off anymore. What's wrong?

Women using Vibrators

Vibrators for Women

Tell me about Rabbit Vibrators.
Tell me about G-Spot Vibrators.
Tell me about Realistic Vibrators.
Tell me about Classic Vibrators.
Tell me about Clitoral Vibrators.
Tell me about Bullet (Egg) Vibrators
Tell me about Waterproof Vibrators.
Tell me about Remote Controlled Vibrators.
What is a Multifunction Vibrator?
What is an Eroscillator?
How do wireless remote control vibrators work?
Can I use remote control vibrators in public?
Can I make my own vibrator?
What is a vibrating dildo?
Could I accidentally activate someone else's vibrator?

Men Using Vibrators

Vibrators for Men

Can men use vibrators? add about standard classic vibes
What ways can a woman use a vibrator on a man?
But I'm not gay. Aren't gay men the only ones who enjoy anal stimulation?
Is it safe to use a vibrator on a man’s testicles (balls)?
Are cock rings for you? What are vibrating cock rings?
Tell me about vibrating penis pumps.
Tell me about vibrating butt plugs.
How do I use a vibrator to give myself an orgasm?

Vibrating Sex Toys

Other Vibrating Toys

What are vibrating nipple clamps?
Can I use my Ipod as a vibrator?
Can I use my cell phone as a vibrator?
What is a vibrating butt plug?
What is a vibrating anal probe?
What are vibrating anal beads?

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SVibrator Reviews

Vibrator Reviews

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Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Usually vibrators are just toys that you have a little fun with before getting serious, but the Hitachi Magic Wand is different. Not a sex toy as it is no toy. Not a sex aid, as it doesn't need to be just a supporting act. It is a sex appliance. When I want to brush my teeth, I use my tooth brush. When I want to dry my hair, I use a hair dryer. When I want orgasm(s) I use my Magic Wand.

I used to struggle to orgasm, and only managed it once or so a week when I was really excited. Even then, it often took half an hour or more and my hands would ache. I read about the Hitachi Magic Wand, and got one for myself so as to make my weekly sesions easier. That was what I hoped. It helped me orgasm so easily, intense and reliable that I do it almost every day now. I wouldn't give mine up for anything.

It felt great, but ladies beware! Things got a little out of control and it was so powerful that now I have a huge bruise on my clit! Moderation is the key! Nicki

The Hitachi Magic Wand is amazing! It's far more than just a vibrator. My husband and I use it during foreplay to give each other massages, and to help with arousal.Paula

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a great vibrator. It gives the best pre-orgasm sensations and best orgasm that I've experienced with a vibrator. Plus, my partner enjoys it on his back to relax him before sex.Sarah

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