How to Use a Vibrator

Did you know…

Millions of women use vibrators.

It’s a natural part of their lives, and they enjoy these toys discreetly at home.

But millions of women also don’t really know how to use a vibrator.

Sex Toy Education lists 9 amazing vibrators for women, each with a slightly different design and function.

To name a few, there are:

  • Rabbit Vibrators
  • Bullet Vibrators
  • Wand Vibrators
  • G Spot Vibrators

and so on…

With all these types of vibrators, it can be hard for women to figure out which one to actually buy, and then how to use them.

This website is here to provide a basic guide on using a vibrator.

  • Our Tips Page: Our tips page is all about providing quick guides on using a vibrator. It covers some common questions you may have regarding the actual use of your vibrator.
  • The FAQ  Page: The frequently asked questions page covers some common questions not related to actually using a vibrating toy.
  • The Safety and Care Page: This section covers any safety concerns regarding using vibrators, caring for them, and storing them. This is a must read for new users.
  • The Orgasm Page: This page covers everything regarding orgasms and vibrators.
  • The Types of Vibrators for Women Page: This page lists all the various types of toys that women can use.
  • The Vibrators for Men Page: This section covers everything a man needs to know about using these toys.
  • The Other Page: This page lists some other sex toys for adults that you might be interested in.

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